Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wearables and More

The email alerts are full of articles about the AppleWatch ranging from "you must have" praise to "why bother."  A novel thought was that when the watch first hit the market and people were skeptical about its grandiose features and didn't buy as predicted, the stocks would fall and one should invest in Apple.  It may sound counter-intuitive but you've got to be a strong pessimist if you truly believe that Apple will not continue to lead the market in novel and creative electronics, such as the AppleCar.  Now that the AppleWatch is on the market the only problem is that manufacturing can't keep up with demand.  So don't buy Apple stocks today; it's still on the top.

It is a curious device, this AppleWatch, and while many people are eager to have one, they don't know why and probably can't afford the $350 or more price tag.  It can monitor your heart beat and exercise habits but so can other less expensive devices.  It can't take pictures and it depends on the iPhone as a companion to perform many of it's functions.  Being on the wrist creates some interesting postures of the users, holding one's wrist up to one's face to talk to and view the watch.  Its size will also create another set of skills for maneuvering its small screen and apps.

Probably an important draw and probably the most important cultural change will be that it is with us always.  It will become a part of the individual wearer.  It will mean that the wearer can and will be in contact with a mass amount of information about themselves and the world.  We may have to be careful what we say because it will respond to voice commands.  It will track our every move and record that information.  But knowing the details about our health may be a motivation to live healthier.

Interestingly enough some articles talk about the sleek design of the case and band are more inviting than the technology.  That could take one to the $10,000 or $17,000 version.  Obviously that's in the category of luxury and extravagance and I don't know anyone in that category.

As for me, I admit the temptations are there but I think I will wait for version two and the reactions to the first version.  Then decide.  Maybe version two will have a camera.  If it follows the pattern of the transition from the first iPad with no camera to the later versions with cameras, there will be a camera soon.  For now I will return to the garden and watching the birds.

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