Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It seems like the beginning of a university term is a time to post a blog entry; at least this term and last term.  My life at this point is on the fence in so many different ways: which class will I teach this term, ready to retire and eager to teach, planning to travel and to relax at home.  One at a time; I should know by later today if you will see me in Creating Websites class or responding to me online for the Internet for Educators class.  The first is my dream class, the second a desirable and wonderful opportunity to learn more.

The iPhone5 is the craze this week and the mini iPad is rumored to be here soon.  I have a dumb phone for which I buy minutes every other month.  Even with a para-Luddite attitude with regard to cell phones, I am swept up in the current of society following these fads and trends.  It's everywhere. The iPhone's been on the market through pre-orders for only two days and already all two-million designated for that purpose are sold, and people are forming lines for the first iPhones when the stores start to sell them in a couple more days.  If this isn't craziness, it certainly borders on very fast moving trends and fashions.

Meanwhile we will plod along in our classes with the knowledge we now have, reaching for that next level of income, social status or just plain knowledge.  Have a great term.