Saturday, February 19, 2011

When it rains it snows

The quote is more actually when it rains it pours, which may apply to this week technologically but the "snows" part comes from the fact that the Midwest USA has been hit hard with big cold snows this past week and two days ago the daffodils in Oregon were capped with snow.

Several days ago I was working in the computer lab-classroom when a group of individuals came in and did a presentation. I, the mouse, in the corner gave the impression of ignoring while actually absorbing all that I could take in. The talk was about interactive art and design which included some far-off stuff. A followup question asked if HTML5 was the way of the future and if current web design technology would fall by the wayside. HTML5? What the heck is that?

So I did my research (that's a big word for a small act) and discovered a whole new set of powerful tags and are available in HTML5 and still marginally useless because most browsers don't recognize them. Expect Chrome and so I dug Chrome out of the dock and try out some new codes. What I've learned is that there is an awful lot to learn and that this new tags certainly complement the interactive web design.

Also this week several professors have come as candidates for a technology position in COE and with them came ideas and skills that I have not tried. There is always so much to learn in technology. So with the gathered URLs from the presentations of these candidates and the art presentations, I will be busy for some time to come. For now, the interest is in HTML5.