Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What a week!

That was last week when I refer to "What a Week!" It included the first week of classes for a new term, Holy Week activities and a funeral and memorial service for Professor Hank Bersani. The over the weekend was Easter with a great and longed for visit from the grandkids and family. This week is also "What a Week!" as we try to make up for what we missed last week.

A modification to my classes this term is more use of the SmartBoard. Some claim that the public schools are filled with them and the teachers don't know how to use them. Yet, many students in class have never heard of them or seen them. I agree that more schools have them now than in the past but the point of saturation has not been reached. Using SmartBoards in class means more students doing more work on the SmartBoard including setting it up and that takes time from other also important skills and discussions.

In timely opportunity one of the post-graduate students is doing in-depth research into the use of the SmartBoard and DualWrite Board by eInstruction to help all of us become more proficient at this use. Meanwhile this is an advanced challenge for me and several other instructors trying to bring this technology into the classroom.